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love this, in the beginning im a little afraid this would be another bottom Dean fic, thank God, it's not! lol:)

(bottom Dean is good but just not my cup of tea), this is holy hot!

This was holy hot! Thanks for your comment! And don't worry, I don't often write bottom Dean. This was a special occasion.

Alright, you finally wrote some a/b/o - where's my toaster? :)

This was splendid! I fell asleep before I got a chance to read it last night, but now my morning is a million times better. Love Dean's pettish endearments here. And I don't know why, but I think "rut" is a sexy word and I loved how you used it. I definitely have to remember to sign up for this next year - I'm seeing so many good fics from it!

I never promised you a toaster. This is totally my toaster.

The exchange was pretty cool. They matched me up nicely with prompts I could manage. My only irk, and this is on the part of participants, not mods, is that I was asked to do a pinch hit, and then the recipient dropped out. But I'm glad I did it, because that was "Castiel's Boy" and that was fun to do and might spawn a series.

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Thaaaaaaanks. I love writing toppy tops and bottomy bottoms, I don't really care who's in the role so long as it's being done well.

In the words of Dean Winchester, "That was awesome!" I loved everything about it, great job!

Thanks! I'm pretty sure he thought that was awesome too.

User heard_the_owl referenced to your post from Edition #2443 saying: [...] by (Dean/Castiel, R) Getting What He Needs [...]

I love how devoted Castiel is to Dean, that he'd make such a huge change for him. I'm glad Dean got happiness as well. Those two are just perfect for each other. :)

It is kind of sweet in a completely smutty way, isn't it?

You know what, I blame you totally for my obsessive sub! and bottom!Cas feels :D Ok, maybe not totally, but still.
This was fantastic.
Btw, did you see this? The artist got to your fic through my translation :DDD

Yay! I infected you! Or made it worse. :D

No! I did not see that! I just sent an ask to the artist about it. I would like to link it to my fic if I can so all the world can see Cas' butthole like Dean sees it.

oh dear lawd that was hawt. and sweet! pretty awesome for a first time a/o fic!

Thanks! I'm really starting to like the a/o stuff, even though I never thought I would.

yeah I thought it was hella strange when I first came across it... but it's certainly helped to have people writing such good fics for it ;p

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Yeah feelings! And yay subtle mentions of masturbation which I'm totally calling you out on. :D Glad I got your motor running babe.

I loved the entire fic, but I really, really loved Dean's little insights about how he'd wanted as much as Cas :) Also, it was hot as hell!!! :)

Thanks! I wanted to make sure that was clear, that Dean wasn't just being a dick, but that it was a physical need - but then, also, hot. Hee hee.

You're welcome :) You did a great job of making it clear too :)

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